Your favourite fruit mango can help you lose weight!

The one and only good thing about the summer season the mango. We all wait for summer so that we can eat those delicious mangoes, which are sadly not available throughout the year, unlike apples and kiwi. Being the national fruit of India, it’s needless to mention how much we love eating it. But what if we tell you that this favorite fruit of yours with such delicious taste can also help you lose weight. Yes, it can! Read on to know what are the benefits of eating mangoes and how can it help one lose weight!

Storehouse of nutrients

We all have been advised by our parents and family doctors that consuming seasonal fruits is very important. This is because consumption of seasonal fruits has been associated with reduced risk of many lifestyle diseases. Mangoes being summer speciality are a storehouse of essential nutrients including carbs, protein, fat, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B-6, folate, magnesium, iron and antioxidants.

Moderate GI index

Glycemic Index of a food tells how that food affects the glucose level of a person. Mango has a GI between 41-60, 51 on an average. Foods with less than 55 GI are considered low GI foods while the ones having GI more than 70 are considered foods with high GI. If taken in moderation, mangoes are safe even for diabetic people.

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