Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 S Review

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Review

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Review


Now before we get to the camera you need to know in terms of raw power the mix 2’s is a beast it pairs the Snapdragon 845 with 6or 8 gigs of ram and gigabyte RAM model, real-world usage the phone zips through any task and there’s also a pretty great fingerprint scanner on the back. Its wall positioned easily to locate.


Xiaomi claims this is the best camera they’ve ever produced on a phone and they’re not wrong. This is the best camera you can find on a Xiaomi
Smartphone. The 12-megapixel sensor gets you detailed photos with great dynamic range and the portrait mode edge detection is
the best we’ve seen from the company. Regrettably, it’s downhill from there upon zooming you can’t focus on close objects it’s prone to blurring if you’re not holding the phone steady and the F1.8 aperture means it’s more sensitive to low light than the competition. Dim lighting is made very apparent by the softness of its low-light photos and portrait mode is no longer effective in anything below average lighting conditions understandably is less capable than the top-tier Galaxy S 9 in this area. The stabilized feature which is essentially real-time live cropping into your photo to make sure the end result turns out completely aligned.


The phone’s video taking capabilities are a bit of a mixed bag at 1080 p you get beautiful stabilized steady footage but scaling that up to 4k an optical image stabilization is turned off and the resulting electronic image stabilization

Screen and speaker

We’ve got a 5.99 inch full HD plus LCD. The piece is combined with the downwards firing speaker 2 eight this pseudo dual speaker setup which is good but it’s nothing surprising or exciting.


The battery is good though the capacity sits at 3400 milliamp hours which is just above average and this is what you can expect from its performance.
It also supports Qualcomm quick charge 3 which makes it a little faster at charging. And this time Xiaomi has introduced wireless charging.


On this one there is still no headphone jack and no water-resistant certification there are no SD cards here but you really don’t miss it because the top spec model comes with an extremely generous 256 GB of internal storage


So where does all of this leave us Xiaomi ’s me mix 2’s is Beauty and the Beast rolled into one package it’s carefully thought-out software and gesture-based navigation is a slick intuitive experience and we’ve got a battery to match it. But the camera and display are away from Google or Samsung’s offerings but this doesn’t prevent it from being a strong competitor in 2018 especially when you care the price. for Indian buyers

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