What is 5G? Indian telecos to roll out 5G by 2020

Nokia to start field trials 5G in India


What is 5G?  Indan telcos to roll out 5G by 2020

4 G the mobile network is used around the world to send SMS and make calls and browse the internet and which will be replaced by 5G soon a new faster network that has potential to transform the world

What is 5 G

5 G is a software-defined network. It won’t replace cable entirely it could replace the need for them by largely operating on the cloud and 5G will have a 100X better capacity than 4G which will dramatically improve internet speed, for example, to download a two hour movie on 3G it would take around 26 hours and on 4G you would be waiting around 6 minutes and on 5Gyou will be ready to watch the movie just 3 and half seconds ,is not just internet capacity that will be upgraded response time all so will be faster.

The skyrocketing speed experience

The 4G network responds to our commands in just under 50 milliseconds with 5G it will take around 1 milliseconds 400 hundred times faster than a blink of an eye.

Smartphone users will enjoy a more streamlined experience but for a world that is increasingly dependent on the internet just to function a reduction of time delay is critical,
For example, self-driving cars require a continues stream of data the quicker the information is delivered to autonomous vehicles the better and safer they can run.
For many analysts, this is the just one example of how 5 g could become the connective tissue for the internet of things an industry that is set to grow 3 fold by 2025 linking and controlling not just robots but also medical devices industrial equipment and agriculture machinery

Personalized web experience

5G will also provide a much more personalized web experience using the technic called SLICING. it’s a way of creating a separate wireless network on the cloud allowing users to create their own bespoke, for instance, an online game needs faster response times and greater data capacity than the user that just want to check their social media, being able to personalize the internet will also benefit business
At big events like mobile world congress, for example, there is a mass influx of people in one particular area using the data-heavy application but with 5g organizers could pay for an increased slice of the network boosting its internet capacity and thus improving its visitor’s online experience

When can we use 5G

Well not yet but according to some analyst not until 2020 .5G was created years ago and has been talked up ever since yet it is estimated that even by 2025 the network will still lag behind

Why do we have to wait for 2025

The mainstream existence faces multiple hurdles and the most significant of these the cost. According to some exerts 5G could cause network operators to tear up their current business models for it for it to make business sense for example in many country 3G and 4G networks are cheap to set up because they are able to roll out an existing frequency on the country’s radio spectrum for 5G to work properly it needs a frequency with much bigger bandwidth which would require a brand new infrastructure. Some analyst believes this has been fewer obstacles for the country like China who is taking the more coherent approach the government and local companies such as Huwai and ZTC are about to launch big 5G trials. Trails that would put them in the forefront of equipment production for the new technology

And some experts predict that by 2025 nearly half of the all mobile connections in the US will be 5G a greater percentage than any other country or region and the faster experience without cable is coming faster.

5 G in India

Finnish telecom maker Nokia said that Nokia will start with Indian telecom operators trials of fifth-generation of 5G technology in India, and the Indian government all so has rolled out a plan for 5G in India by 2020 according to the global market.

So let us wait for the 5G to transform our internet era with skyrocketing speed and experience

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