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Are you an influencer? a coach, a trainer? are you a change maker?

As you know India is going through 17th Lok Sabha elections I want to share some alarming facts so that you too can make a real influence and to be the part of the greatest change and I strongly believe it is our responsibility too.

The voting percentage of urban voting is so low.

The facts say,

In 2018 assembly election Hyderabad 48 percentage of the urban population stayed away from Voting and in the last 3 consecutive elections 40 % of Bangalore urban population didn’t vote

In Mumbai respectively 48%,47%,52$ stayed away from voting, Despite the massive campaign organized by the election commission. ( data is available in election commission website)

Our freedom the training we organize the flourishing business we run everything is definitely influenced by the political system of our country so that it is our responsibility to vote and inspire voting

2019 around 900 million people are to Vote, and it’s our democracy’s greatest testing time.


What will happen if we do not vote?

According to the philosopher PLATO


“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by inferiors”


Don’t fall into the trap of Anti Democracy mongers.

And just don’t make these kinds of pessimistic statements

Politics is so corrupted

Everyone is corrupted

I don’t like politics

And so, on

Democracy’s greatest power is that you can decide whom to rule us ‘the corrupted or the fair’.

And I say there is nothing political in this article

I am not worried whether you are right wing or left wing,

I don’t care whether you support Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi

I don’t care whether you are a secularist or fundamentalist, all your political views are based on your perception  and your value system but all I want to say and  urge you  is to vote and to inspire people to participate in voting

let us save the  largest democracy in the world

And let’s build the nation


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