Thamarassery Ghatt Pass Vayanad Kerala, A spectacular Visual Experience.

Thamarassery Churam  Ghatt road

How to reach there ?

By train – Nearest railway station Kozhikode

By air – Nearest airport Kozhikode

By road Kozhikode to Thamarassery to Vayanad  bus or taxi

What does Thamarassery  Ghatt offer you ?

It’s gonna be your most spectacular experience and immersion to nature, 

14 kilometres of mountain passes covered in fog and deep forest either of the sides and deep valleys which will frighten your soul. Thamarassry  Ghatt road has 14 hairpin curves and each hairpin turning will certainly give a jerk in your bowl. There are many viewpoints where you can stop your vehicle and enjoy the  beauty of the mountain pass  and finally, you can reach Malabar’s most beautiful queen, Vayanad and you can stay in  any number of resorts and enjoy amazing destinations

The haunting horror story of the mountain pass.

The story starts from 1700 to 1750

This Ghatt road actually connects Bepur port in Kozhikode to Mysore and root to Coorg of Karnataka at the time of Britishers Coorg and Vayanad were the home for expensive spices like cardamom, coffee and pepper.

 Tamarassery was deep forest and mountain slopes Britishers found no way to get the cargo to Bepur port all their engineers failed to find a way through the deep forest and through the hills. And they found that local Aboriginal people used to cross the forest easily and come back so they asked the help of a local tribe head Karinthandan Moopan (chief), a tribal leader from the Paniya tribe in Wayanad.

He worked with the British army and found the Ghatt road which connects the vayanad the so-called Thamarassery ghatt road. But the end of the story the crooked Britishers thought if the tribal head lives the credit of the mammoth work would  be  in his name, not the British government so they took him in the top of the hill and shoot him and he died alone and unnoticed in deep  mountain forest , and  still the locals believe that his soul is wandering around the mountain pass and causing vehicles which pass through the mountain to meet accidents and fall in to the deep  valley and the history also says during 1890 to 1900 , there were a series of accidents happened in the mountain pass and  finally the soul of karinthadan is overpowered and tied to a tree with iron chain, you can  see the tree along with chain in Adivaram Lakidi viewpoint still now  and it’s a temple now but still people stop over here when they pass to the mountain and pray  for safe journey

This story is being made as a movie in Malayalam in the same name as the tribal head Karithadan.

And I promise you will never regret visiting Thamarassery  Ghatt road and majestic Vayanad.

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