Simple neck exercise to relieve your upper back pain

Simple neck exercise to relieve your upper back pain

Simple neck exercise to relieve your upper back pain and tension
Sitting up long time in the office in front of system or are you a sales person with long ride scheduled every week you are porn to upper back pain and tension and stiffness because of your bad posture here are some wonderful small and easy neck exercise to get fast recovery from upper back pain and relief from stiffness and tension and headache.

Before you start to note down these precautions

a- Move the head slowly
b- Do not jerk the head
c- Do not snap the neck
d- Do not extend too far your neck
e- If you feel any dizziness or too much pressure on your neck, stop where it is.
f- It’s always advisable to learn under a certified yoga instructor.

How to do

Exercise step 1

Keep your back straight and drop your head forward and let the chin rest on your chest and relax in this position
Exercise step 2

lift the head up and stretch the neck back

Incorporate your breathing with every stretch

Inhale down and exhale up

Repeat this exercise for 5 times

Exercise step 3

keep the shoulder down be relaxed inhale and stretch the head straight down to the right make sure do not lift the shoulder
exhale and stretch to the left side
do this step 4 times
Exercise step 4

keep the body still turn the head over right shoulder contract the muscles on right side of your neck relax and turn and look over left
repeat 5 times
Exercise step 5
keep the body still back straight shoulders relaxed now rotate the neck and head clockwise 5 times and then repeat the rotation anti-clockwise for 5 times.

Now slowly lie down for 3 minutes let your upper body neck and head relax do this two or three times a week and you can see the pain-relieving slowly.

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