Read WhatsApp Messages Without The Sender Knowing

The read receipt feature is WhatsApp’s one of the most important features. It is known that the read message (double ticks) turn blue in colour once the recipient reads it. Although many people might not be having any issue switching this optional feature on in WhatsApp but there would be instances when the sender does not to know that the message has already been read.

Turning the double ticks option off in the WhatsApp settings is the easiest way to avoid the other person knowing. Unfortunately, this turns off the feature for all and doesn’t let you know if the other person has read your texts or not.

There is an easier alternative to prevent those double ticks to not turn blue even after the message is read.

Here’s a step by step instruction:

Step 1: When a text message arrives on WhatsApp, first thing to do is to scroll down the notification panel and switch on the airplane mode.

Step 2: Read the WhatsApp message after going offline

Step 3: Once read, close the app from the multi window so it doesn’t stay open in the background and sync when you go online.

Step 4: After closing the app completely, switch off the airplane mode again.

When the phone is kept in the airplane mode and the WhatsApp message is read, closing the app completely by swiping it away from the multi window section will prevent the sender from knowing whether the receiver has read the message or not, after switching off the airplane mode.

The application has to be closed completely, otherwise it keeps running in the background. When the app goes online, the blue ticks will appear since WhatsApp was running in the background.

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