Marathon training .

The psychological changes in crossing each mile stone.

Marathon training.
The psychological changes in crossing each milestone.

What will happen, when you choose to run? How it will affect your psychology?
Yes, you know running benefits you in many ways physically and mentally,
Tow half marathons and more than 300 kilometers of running in 2 months taught me 4 major lesions.
Running will help you to build up your mental muscles.
Running is not as easy as you feel while watching marathon motivational video. It is really tough, You feel like quitting the very next step but running will help you to build up your mental muscles.It is not the passion or endurance will help you to achieve great things but the ability to do things consistently and to do it, either running or leading your life you need the toughest mental muscles and running will certainly help you to achieve it.
The best training plans.
The internet is flooded with the best training plans from elite runners to professional coaches but the 2 months running taught me, the best training plan is, listening to your body it will speak to you, when to run, when to push and when to rust but you must develop the mental muscle not to post phone or be lethargic.
More calories not more food

Don’t feed your body with more food it will lead you to experience uneasiness and fatigue so increase your calorie intake as you improve your speed and distance.
what running taught me is to discipline my food habits and the insights of focusing on more calories than more food
The 21 days tune-up program.
And never forget to stick on your new habit or training program a minimum of 21 days and I have already written about the importance of 21 days cycle you can check it here in the link.

How to form a new healthy habit ?

So you have made up your mind to run, whatever happens, Then this is the time to read “born to run”

and watch this ted show.

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