How to form a new healthy habit ?

21 days and my first 21 k half marathon.

21 days and my first 21 k half marathon
How to form a new healthy habit

It is awesome and I feel like smiling no laughing loud, because My blood lines are filled with a lot of endorphins.
21 days and I have run 110 kilometers I’m still counting and I am going to run my first half marathon 21 kilometers on 27th Sunday, January Amaravathi Marathon. It is not an excitement it is like reaching the pinnacle and writing off my sedentary habitual life and crossing my own limits

what did running to my body and brain?

Increased production of Dopamine in the brain the motivational molecule, dopamine is one of the 100’s of neurotransmitters produced by the brain cells which helped me and which will help you to give up the comfort of your warm bed and lace up your running shoes and push you a mile. You will be less fatigue and more focused and genuinely happy and you will be motivated for your next long run
Why 21-day method
After continuous observation over 10 years the behavioral pattern of thousands of patients, in 1960 doctor Maxwell Matt’s published in his book “psycho-cybernetics”

These many other commonly observed phenomena tend to show that it requires a minimum of 21 days for an old image to dissolve and the new one to jell ”

Doctor Matt’s Theory has been widespread by the World top most motivational speakers and this method actively helped me to line up the first layer of my new habit.
Run consistently for every morning 21 days and which will change your life remarkably.

It was hard for me to wake up at 5 am, It was hard for me to run for mile ,it was hard for me to give up the comfort of my cozy bed In the morning and I’m sure it will be Same for you still do it anyway for the next 21 day And I’m sure you will find the best of you.

Happy running.

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