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How to Earn 1000$ on FIVERR in 2019



Do you have any of these skills?.

Web designing, video editing, video shooting, voice over logo designing, flyer designing or writing content, proofreading, translation, and editing so on

If so, you can earn a minimum of 1000 $ online on a month through , being at your home

Fiverr .com is the world’s largest online market flatforms where sellers and buyers meet and exchange their gigs for starting as less as 5 $ per gig.

And making money online, your dream is possible with fiverr .com with less effort

But you have to create a killer profile and offer unique service to attract more customers and be featured on the home page of Fiverr because more than 3 million competitors show-case their talents on this platform and customers only choose the top-rated seller.

How to start with

Fiver is the best platform to make money by doing something you love

  • Sign up with your g-mail account
  • Set up password
  • Find your niche (if you are a new be on the internet)
  • Activate your account

Now set up your Pay pal account

As fiver does not support credit card or bank card facility you must have a pay pal account.

if you have already, link it with your Fiverr account otherwise create a new one. You can also set up a Fiverr Revenue Card

Having set up your account now you have to go through 4 steps

  • Communicate with the customer
  • Accept the gig and sed them a customized offer
  • Deliver the gig
  • Complete the order.


When it comes to the payment you must notice this norm of fiverr

1-fiver will pay only 80 % for your service and the 20 % revenue will be shared by fiverr and Pay Pal

2- To withdraw your money you have to wait for14 days and if you are a top rated seller you can withdraw in 7 days

Why is it more important to be featured on the home page?

 Fiverr’s   algorithm is not in support of sellers but in the advantage of buyers they give more preference for customer satisfaction than the seller’s eagerness to earn

So, Its most important to be featured on fiver’s home page and to be noted as a top rated seller

How to get featured on the home page

 There are 3 million gigs waiting for attention and only the top rated get attention and hand-picked by fiverr editors so these steps will help you to get featured on the home page

  • Find a unique gig as your niche. if you offer a service that no one offers your chances are higher to get picked by Fiverr editors and featured
  • You must offer a high-value product for 5 $ and you will be featured.

Here comes the question, how can I offer a high-value product for 5 dollars

Yes, you can.

And you can definitely earn more than, start with offering for5 $ but you can set your preferences and customize your product into time frame so that you can earn more.  For example, if you deliver a logo within 5 days for 5 dollars and if the customer is in an urgency you can deliver it for 10 dollars in 24 hours and also you can set up regular and premium products for different values

  • You must focus on high volume selling

High volume selling is another way to get picked up by fiverr’s editors and be featured on the home page and here is again high-volume selling will happen only to high-value products in surprising price

Get feedback from every customer you offer your gig

Will you buy something from a stranger from the internet?

The answer is a big Nooooo…….

Then how can you get the customer’s attraction?

Yes, by getting feedback from your customer even though you have one customer or ten customers deliver them high value and get positive feedback

  • Have a complete profile description

You must have a complete profile description so that your customer can understand    your gigs well and take action

  • It’s important to have a video description
  • An image creates more impact than words, videos communicate faster. So make a video of minimum 30 seconds to 1 minute that will help you to get noticed

Don’t try fiverr as a part-time way to earn 100 dollars for a month instead focus on establishing your brand then you can earn 2 to 3 thousand dollars a month and you will be earning by doing what you love

  •   Hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and these guidelines will help you to achieve your dream of earning money online, Wish you all the best and happy earning.
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