Goa, its a place for Girls, Beaches, bars and Nightlife clubs. Goa is one of the best tourist place in India. Most of the tourists from different parts of India and other countries to loadge her for fun, luxury and rest. You can see best places in Goa.

Miramar Beach: Miramar beach is among those beaches which never fails to satisfy the visitors. You can come here for a walk with your beloved, walk around the pathways and see the sunrise early in the morning. You will also see street shops too selling various items. Sweets, clothes, handicraft items and more.

Fort Agauda Beach: Fort Agauda was built in the year 1612 and is considered to be one of the most favourite tourist attractions in Goa. Situated in North Goa, Fort Agauda welcomes a lot of visitors every year. Once you are here you will be overwhelmed by the scenic beauty. You have Tak Village hotel on the one side, whereas on the other hand, you will see the Mandovi River. As the cool and pleasant breeze starts blowing, one tends to forget everything about their worries.

Calangute beach: If you like to go to beaches and love to have fun then Calangute beach is the destination for you. You can try water sports, eat some of the delicious snacks at the shacks and also lie down on the beach to enjoy a nice suntan. During peak season, tourists rush to Calangute beach.

Vagator Beach: Goa is a hub of beaches and Vagator beach is one of the reasons why Goa is so famous. Vagator beach is every party goer’s personal favourite. Having said that Vagator beach is also popular for being a sunset viewpoint. Walk to the cliff to look at the stunning view.

Chapora Fort: Do you remember Dil Chahta Hai, the Bollywood movie? Remember the poster with Amir, Saif and Akshay sitting quietly and enjoying the view from a fort? Well, that’s Chapora fort. This fort was built in 1617 by the Portuguese. You can hire a scooter to go to Chapora Fort.

Bogdeshwara temple: Bogdeshwara temple is popular among the businessmen and fishermen of Goa. They believe that this temple fulfils all the wishes and prayers. This is the temple which was built in respect of Kanakeshwar Baba. You can visit here from December to January to enjoy the temple feast.

Kala Academy: If you want to learn about art and culture then Kala Academy is the place to be at. Learn about Goan culture and watch a Goan play. Kala Academy has many art galleries which will keep you busy and entertained. In case you are hungry you can stop by the small café inside the Kala Academy premise for a cup of tea and coffee.

Reis Magos fort: Visit Reis Magos Fort in North Goa to take a look at the lovely fort. Come here to see the sunset, the view is truly breath-taking. It is in Panjim. We will recommend hiring a scooter, it is cheap and you can hire it at a very affordable price.

Anjuna Flea Market: No wonder you will look for places to go shopping. After all, there is so much to buy for everyone that knows you are here. Plus you would also like to shop for yourself too. The Anjuna Flea Market is held every Wednesday. Once you reach Anjuna beach you will see tons of roadside stalls selling goodies and souvenirs that you can purchase.

You can buy spices, clothes, go for a tattoo and more. Not just this, there will be food stalls too which you must not ignore. Have chorizo pav and not to forget, Goan sweets there. You will love it.

Museum of Goa: If you want to learn about Goa and its culture then the Museum of Goa is the right place to visit. This museum has books and exhibits that will enhance your knowledge about this place. This museum also has an art gallery that you would not like to miss.

10. Arambol Beach: Armabol Beach is one of the least populated beaches in Goa. If you want to be at a place which is peaceful and quiet and away from the crowd then do visit Arambol beach. Even though you are travelling, you will still want to be somewhere you can relax a bit and Arambol beach won’t disappoint you at all.

11. Morjim Beach: Morjim beach is in North Goa and is ideal for couples. You will see many pairs of lovebirds holding hands and walking peacefully on the seashore. Morjim beach also offers an array of water sports activities. You can try them out.

13. Mapusa market: Another place to go on a shopping spree is Mapusa market. Mapusa market remains open only in the morning and in the evening and remains closed during the afternoon. You can buy spices, clothes, sweets, alcohol, and more. Once you are done you can grab a nice chilled beer and try some tasty seafood dishes too. This is one of the best places to visit in Goa.

What to see in South Goa?

Basilica of Bom Jesus: Goa tourism is incomplete without a visit here. Basilica of Bom Jesus is situated in the south Goa and is one of the oldest churches in town. Once you enter the church you will see some people heading towards the right direction to see the remains of St. Francis Xavier. This church along with the remains has a beautiful gallery too. Don’t miss a visit to the art gallery to know more about the church.

Se Cathedral: Se Cathedral is said to be one of the biggest churches in entire Asia. The Tuscan architectural style of this church was built in 1562. The Sino de Ouro which is the Golden Bell is the largest bell, Church bell to be precise in Asia.

Palolem Beach: At Palolem beach, you can do many things. You can sit in a shack and relax or you can go for a night party. The choice is yours. Palolem beach is full of palm trees. You will surely enjoy here.

Goa Chitra: Goa is not only about partying but also about its culture. You can visit Goa Chitra to know more about Goa. The displays that you will see are from the famous writer Victor Hugo’s personal collection and that’s why Goa Chitra is so famous among the tourists. It remains closed on Monday and the entry fee is Rs. 300.

Church and Convent of Saint Cajetan: Church and Convent of Saint Cajetan is one of the most popular churches in Goa. It was built by Order of Theatines and the main altar that you will see is of St. Cajetan. Once you visit the Church you will see many beautiful paintings on the walls. Do check them out.

Dudhsagar falls: A list of Goa tourist places will not be complete without mention of Dudhsagar falls. It is at a 3-hour distance from South Goa. This waterfall has a view that no one should ever miss. The spectacular surroundings and tranquillity that Dudhsagar has is amazing. The experience you will gain here is one of its kind.

Shri Mangueshi Temple: Mangueshi temple is visited by thousands of devotees every year. It houses an old and a very ancient Shivalinga which is said to be around 100 years old.

Benaulim beach: Have fun at Benaulim beach with your friends and family. Try some of the exciting water sports and hop onto a banana boat. This beach is the prettiest beach in Goa. Flocks of lovebirds can also be seen in abundance and sports enthusiasts never miss a chance to visit here.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is a must visit destination in Goa. It is home to a lot of tigers and bison. You can hire a safari to roam around the sanctuary. Click some amazing photos of the wildlife and let nature embrace you in her arms. You will definitely love your visit here.

Ancestral Goa: Whenever we visit a new place we try to gather as many experiences as we can and find more ways to learn about its culture and art. Well, Ancestral Goa is that park for you. Come here to take a look at the beautiful displays of Goa’s life and culture. This park will show you the rich heritage and culture of Goa.

24. St Augustine Tower

St Augustine Tower was once a church. After a plague the church was destroyed and now is popular as St Augustine Tower. You can come here to experience the rich Portuguese architecture. It is located near Old Goa and should be one of the must-visit destinations in Goa.

25. Arvalam Waterfalls

Aren’t waterfalls the best? Well, Arvalam Waterfalls is surely the best place to visit. Come here during the monsoon. You will appreciate the view more. You can go to the top by following the pathway and take a look at the inspiring beauty of nature. Once you reach the top you can also visit the Shiva temple. You can drive to Arvalam Waterfalls and park your car for free.

26. Cabo de Rama Fort

Cabo de Rama Fort is a less visited place in Goa, but just because it is less visited doesn’t mean you won’t visit it at all. Come here to see the ruins and click some picturesque photographs of your surroundings.

27. Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Do you know that Dr Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is the only bird sanctuary here? Now, since it’s the only one, you should definitely go and visit it. It is the home to so many different species of birds. Plus you can enjoy a nice and pleasant boat ride too.

28. Casinos

Goa is the home for casinos. Probably the only place in India where you can try your luck in gambling legitimately. These casinos allow people from 18 years of age and above. Do carry your identity proof with you. Have fun at the slot machines, try your luck and win some money. Since it’s a casino, you will also get to try different kinds of alcohols and snacks too. Try your luck here and have fun. Casinos are the main tourist attractions in Goa.

29. Grand Island

Goa is famous for its nightlife, beaches, party, and casinos. But do you know that you can also enjoy jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat riding as well? We told you, in the beginning, Goa has a lot to offer. Along with the beaches if you wish to do something adventurous then you have to visit Grand Island. Go for scuba diving or snorkelling. Have unlimited fun and make your Goa visit an experience of a lifetime.

30. Bogmalo beach

Since we have talked about water sports, how can we miss adding Bogmalo beach to our list? Come here to enjoy scuba diving and snorkelling. Don’t let the peace and serenity fool you because Bogmalo beach is famous for its water sports. It is close to the airport and is perfect for adventurous people.

31. Naval Aviation Museum

The Naval Aviation Museum is at Dabolim in Vasco da Gama, simply behind the worldwide airplane terminal. This is the main Naval Aviation Museum in India and one of a kind in Asia.

There is both an indoor and outside segment with displays that incorporate bombs, rockets, air ship, parachutes, defensive apparatuses, deadly implements, outfits of pilots and more.

32. Pandava Caves

The Pandava Caves are the caves that the Pandavas are said to have resided in when they were exiled in the 6-century as per the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The caverns have five compartments and, there is a little symbol of Hindu God in the centre. The individuals, who visit Pandava Caves, additionally visit the Arvalem cascades and the recreation centre near to the caverns. There is a little lake at the base of the cascade

33. Ashwen Beach

If you are looking for a quiet beach then Ashwen Beach is just for you. This one is less swarmed and more tranquil. There are a couple of eateries situated along the coastline. In the event that you are searching for such confined beaches, Arossim is another beach for you.

34. Mollem National Park

This park is situated on the eastern outskirts of Karnataka. Covering 240 square kilometres, this park is popular for its wild animals, birds, and butterflies. This park is home to traveling bison, dhangar. The recreation centre is well known for its excellent trekking trails and a cascade. This park additionally holds a 12-century Hindu sanctuary devoted to Tambdi Surla Mahadev Sanctuary. The best time to visit the park is in winter as this is the time when you can spot many colourful birds during your trip.

35. Dona Paula

Do you adore watching flying creatures relocating over the city? Assuming this is the case, then you should visit The Lovers Paradise or the Dona Paula. It is situated in celebrated ocean extend, which crosses Panini, Dona Paula and Miramar. It is an exceptionally well known place and frequented by an expansive number of sightseers from across the world. This place of interest lies where Zuari and Mandovi streams meet the Arabian Sea.

36. Sinquerim Beach

For all the adventure enthusiasts out there, this beach is the one worth visiting. This is a sandy beach and offers the absolute best water sports in Goa. Regardless of whether you are intending to run for scuba plunging with companions or need to appreciate windsurfing, this beach has everything. It is an ideal place for thrill seekers out there!

37. Tito’s Street

Goa is India’s most loved gathering place. In this manner, you basically need to visit one of the numerous clubs dispersed around Goa on your visit there. Tito’s Street is a standout amongst other clubs you can visit. Tito’s Street, named after the road it is situated on, is a club that pulls in a lot of groups particularly in view of its prime area and its choice administration.

You should visit the tourist attractions in Goa after the monsoons. During monsoon, all the shacks will remain closed due to high sea level. You won’t also be allowed to visit a few places during the monsoon season. If you want to experience Goa to the best then the ideal time to visit is from December to March. So, the next time you plan to visit Goa you know where to go.

38. Anjuna Beach

It is a very lively beach with a few water sport activities and trance parties are held frequently. There are shacks nearby where you can enjoy some great local food. The beach has a nice atmosphere and is one of the most visited tourist places in Goa that you cannot miss. You can try out water sport activities here like parasailing, jet skiing and banana boat rentals.

39. Candolim Beach Road

Candolim Beach Road is located 12.5 Km from Panaji in North Goa. Candolim Beach is less crowded than the Baga and Calangute beach. There are ample of sundecks and umbrellas here for you to relax. Candolim is best experienced from November to March.

40. Colva Beach

Colva Beach is located in the village of Salcete and is a popular tourist destination. It has a lot of shops and bars. It is more of a commercial beach but is very clean. You can try water sports like jet skiing, banana boat ride, parasailing etc

41. Baga Beach

Baga Beach is a popular beach that has an exciting nightlife. Baga beach starts at the ending of Calangute beach. It is quite a busy beach with lots of recreational activities to do like a bumper ride, banana ride, parasailing and jet skiing.

42. Butterfly Beach

 Butterfly Beach

Butterfly Beach is located in Palolem and is quite popular among the locals of Goa. It is a narrow stretch of sand and often remains less crowded. You get a nice sunset view from this beach. Also, you get to see dolphins, crabs and butterflies here.

43. Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church

Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church is located in Panjim. It is a colonial Portuguese Baroque-style church and it was built in 1541. It was a small chapel initially before it was expanded into a larger church in the 1600s. It has the second largest ancient bell in Goa. The best time to visit the church is on Sunday morning for attending the mass.

44. Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is located in South Goa and it is a small beach with half a kilometre stretch of soft sand. Along with some exciting water sports activities, you can try out Goan food from the rentable loungers and shacks here.

45. Mahadev Temple, Tambdi Surla

Mahadev Temple is an archaeological site and it is built with carved stone. Located near Mahadev Wildlife Sanctuary, it is an ancient temple that was built in the 12th century. The temple is built in the Kadamba Architectural style.

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