Java sparrows knows as Java Rice Sparrow, Java Finches, Java Rice Birds. These are native to Java, Bali, Indonesia and Bawean. Java finches can be found in Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. In Java, the Java finch is a vulnerable species. These birds another most loved pet or caged bird in many countries. Java Sparrows is about 15-17 cm in length from beak to tail. The adult are in grey upper parts and breast, pink belly, white-cheeked black head, red eye-ring, pink feet and thick red bill. These birds life span is about 5 to 10 Years.

The Java sparrow feeds grains, millets, grass seeds, greens & insects in wild. Caged birds feets vegetables, fruits also. In Japan, these birds are most loved pets. We can see in their paintings also. America banned importing these birds due to agricultures damage. Most of the Asian countries banned import. But many home breeds, avian breeds and pet lovers breeds.

Java Sparrows Scientific name is Lonchura oryzivora (Some scientists put the Java finch and the Timor sparrow in the separate genus, Padda, so the finch might be seen under the scientific name Padda oryzivora.)


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