A hot water bath after a long run ……. Runners guide.

A hot water bath after a long run …….
Runners guide.

Is it OK to have a hot water bath after the run? There are many perspectives on this question but it is advisable to follow , according to the runner’s personal preference, so let us identify both the advantages and disadvantages.


A hot water bath helps to increase the blood flow to every muscle that improves the stiff muscles and recover faster.

A hot water bath is more relaxing and soothing and helps to recover muscle sores.

The running will increase your body temperature naturally and after the run, if you take a sudden cold bath it will stun the muscles, but hot water bath will help the body to maintain its cooling process in a more effective way.

A hot water bath will prevent burning more calories, if you are already lean personality it is better to save some calories.


A hot water bath will wipe out all your natural body oils and make your skin more dryer.

If you want to shed some more calories it is always advisable to have a cold water shower.

After running , a hot water shower will make you feel sleepy.If you lead a regular life and run it would really be big hurdles for your work and an exciting start of the day.

A regular hot water bath will certainly reduce your immunity power.

And a study suggests that in men regular hot water bath will reduce the fertility so
a hot water bath can harm more than it’s benefits but athletes who can rely it on after a long run followed by rust.

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