4 Lessons, Running a Marathon will teach you in real life.

What running a Marathon will teach you in real life.

1-Progress is inch by inch

“Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard.”

John Bytheway

Progress is inch by inch not miles to miles, everything in life finance, business, career, health or even relationship progress inch by inch if you take the right action. You may not see overnight changes but believe you will certainly progress inch by inch

2-Find your motivation inside

“Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince.”

Many a time you may lose your motivation so you have to train your mind to be motivated without the influence of others. It is not outside motivation or others or the self-help books you’re on progress will motivate you to March towards greater height it was my dream to run 500 meters without breath and now I bring dream opening also raining running yeah marathon 42 kilometers what motivates me is my own progress

3-Consistency is the key

After running 500 meters I was panting for b breath my face turned down reddish and I started sweating excessively and deep inside I felt I was going to die. It was in 2017 November when the first seed of running a marathon sprouted in me. Consistency is the key running consistently for a year a period of 12 months I run more than 1000 kilometers and 2 marathons. And now I plan to run India’s top 10 marathons in the next 12 months, it is not doing great things but doing small things consistently.

4- Progress will motivate you to do March towards impossibilities

As In Simon Sinek’s video, Inspirational Speech About Love, Sinek shares the critical importance of consistency

“So if you were to go to the gym, it’s like exercise. If you go to the gym and you work out and you come back and look in the mirror, you will see nothing. And if you go to the gym the next day and you come back and look in the mirror, you will see… nothing. So, clearly there are no results, can’t be measured, it must not be effective. So we quit. Or, if you fundamentally believe this is the right course of action and you stick with it, like in a relationship – I bought her flowers and wished her a happy birthday, and she doesn’t love me – clearly, I’ll give up.

So consistently doing it for a long time you would wonder the changes in your own body the changing process must not be visible but the change is visible So never give up and believe in doing small things consistently.

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