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15 Financial Commission recommendations, Step motherly treatment to southern states.

15 Financial Commission recommendations, Step motherly treatment to southern states.

15 Financial Commission recommendations, Step motherly treatment to southern states.

India’s upper body who decides the distribution of funds between centre and States, Finance Commission set up under Article 280(1) of the Constitution headed by former revenue secretary NK Singh has made the new set of a recommendation of 15 finance commission which will be in force by 2020 first April. on March 31, 2025
Close number six inclusion “The Commission shall use the population data of 2011 while making its recommendations” .which is the reason for the big outrage from South Indian states. Exactly speaking it’s a blow on the Southern States for their good governance or the fast phased development

What is the clause?

The clause recommends distribution of fund and grants among the states based on 2011 census instead of 1971 census

Why are southern states against of it?

Successive Finance Commissions use the 1971 census because the 42nd amendment to the Constitution in 1976 mandated a freeze on the population for the purpose of delimitation. And with 84th amendment in 2001 the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government extended the freez for a period of 25 years till 2026 And when it comes to the description of populist state, since 1971 South Indian states effectively implemented population control methods and it effectively achieved results in female fertility index and other socio economic parameters where does BMRU States have completely failed in its implementation and now they constitute the major percentage of the population and Bihar alone constitute 25% of the total Indian population so when the distribution of grand and funds from the centre BMRU states get Lion’s share and the Southern States get very less in terms of population and this is a punishment for the good governance and implementation of policies effectively and it is far less than what the Southern States contribute to the central government in terms of central tax and when it comes the BMRU States gets much higher than their contribution to the center it’s absolutely against the federal system of the Indian government

BJP’s hidden agenda

It is evident that BJP got 51 percent of their vote in 2014 election from the Hindi speaking Hindu majority states and to repeat the victory in 2019 they play the most crooked trick pooling up more funds trashing 1971 Census of delimitation

Political  Vendetta on south

BJP is absolutely sure that they can’t get their foot stronger in any of the well educated politically sensible and developed south Indian states with their narrow Hindutwa agenda but they are absolutely successful in the divide and rule crooked tactics in the states of Tamilnadu up to some extent and they have insulted many Southern states Karnataka with Hindi imposition AP with breach of bifurcation promise of ‘special status’In Tamilnadu BJP has succeeded a little in shattering the DMK and ADMK with revenge politics .

The data,

The distribution of funds between states and central and vice versa.

Ap and Telangana
Revenue shared to centre -10.32 %
Centres allocation in terms of population to AP
& Telangana – 6.73

Karnataka – to centre -9.04
Center to Karnataka- 4.71
Tamilnadu – to center-8.73
Center to Tamilnadu -4.02
Kerala to centre     4.41

Center to Kerala   -2.50

How does South react?

Kerala is the first state oppose the 15 financial commission recommendation finance minister of Kerala Thomas Isaac has given statements and CM Pinarayi Vijayan organized a conclave for all the CM’S and Finance ministers of south India on 10 April in Trivandrum and Yenamala Ramkrishnudu AP finance minister and Puthuchery Chief Minister Narayanaswamy Karnataka Agriculture Minister Krishna Byre Gowda attended the conclave but Telangana and Tamil Nadu kept away from the conclave .

Ap takes the lead

After getting out of alliance with BJP, CBN is busy with his’ Darma Porata Diksha’ fighting for the justice of AP and demanding special status and CBN has organized a conclave on May 7th against the 15 financial commission recommendation in Amravati and his greatest achievement is that he got even some supporters other than south South Indian states, Manpreet Singh, Minister for Finance and Planning, Punjab has come to Amravati to participate in the conclave and extended his support to Southern concern. And Amit Mitra, Finance Minister of West Bengal, and Manish Sisodia have also attended the conclave in Amaravathi.

Amit Mitra, Finance Minister of West Bengal says “resistance to this Finance Commission is vital, States are facing massive revenue deficits”, he said. “I also want to highlight the non-payment of fund release by the Centre.”

Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, expressing his support for the cause of conclave said: “15th Finance Commission will only lead to a centralised path to development.”

Though Tamil Nadu kept away from the meeting Stalin has written a strong argument against the Recommendation of 15 financial commission recommendation and Apart from the Census issue, another contentious ToR flagged by MK Stalin in his letter to the 10 non-BJP chief ministers is the unilaterally imposed “control or lack of it in incurring expenditure on populist schemes” in 4 (viii).
The former Jammu and Kashmir finance minister Haseeb Drabu already had written about ToR “passed off value judgements in leading and loaded terms of reference” for the Finance Commission.
KCR from Telangana, he too did not attend the conclave organized by both Kerala and Andhrapredesh but he is patching up the ideas of the third front and he is also with a sharp criticism to the BJP government in the centre.

Centres Assurance

Karnataka elections

In fact, Karnataka election has a big role now for the South Indian states. If BJP wins a majority in Karnataka and from the government, the South concern maybe simply avoided and it will be an irreparable damage to the 5 south Indian states in its progress.
if the leaders of all 5 South Indian states Stand Together and work with all other supportive states and especially with Maharashtra as it faces the biggest discrimination and Mount Pressure on the centre on its discrimination towards south and force the central government to make substantial changes in finance commission recommendation then only south can continue it glorified progress .

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